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Charger - APP Mode

Charger - APP Mode
Charger - APP Mode

Charger - APP Mode 7.2/11/22kW

Small size and streamline design, home use with intelligent App control.

Intelligent Control
Wireless communication (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth), OCPP1.6 communication protocol with the backend, Smart charge or scheduled charge by App.

Flexible Option
Type 1 or Type 2 charging cable, Bluetooth App operation or plug and play, Wallmounted or floor-stand installation.

Secure and Safe
6mA DC residual current protection, Anti-welding protection.

European standard / AC EV Charger
Single-phase or three-phase AC wallbox is a new generation of intelligent products launched by Master Power. Its appearance of this product adopts a streamlined and simple design, which is more refined and glitzy. Through the App, the car owner can choose the Bluetooth smart lock, timing charging function, or modify it to plug and play mode. At the same time, it can monitor charging information, set pile parameters, bind equipment and authorization, and upgrade remote software.

Product Features: Small size and streamline design, home use with intelligent App control. Wireless communication (Bluetooth), smart charge or scheduled charge by App.

Electrical Protection: Over current protection, Residual current protection, Ground protection, Surge protection, Over/Under voltage protection, Over/Under frequency protection, Over/Under temperature protection.


    Compatible with all electric vehicle models.

    360° protection for you and your electric vehicle.

    Plug and charge, intelligent control, automatic stop when full.

    EV charger OEM, ODM and Agent.


MODEL MF - EV 7.2kW - P1 MF - EV 11kW - P2 MF - EV 22kW - P3
Number of Phase / Wire 1 Phase + neutral + PE 3 Phase + neutral + PE
Rated Voltage 230VAC 380VAC
Rated Current 32A 16A 32A
Frequency 50 / 60Hz
Output Voltage 230VAC 380VAC
Maximum Current 32A 16A 32A
Rated Power 7.2kW 11kW 22kW
Wi-Fi Optional
Bluetooth Yes
OCPP1.6 No

Product specifications are subject to change without further notice.